Northern Michigan Apples: Recipes for SweeTango, Honeycrisp and More

Northern Michigan Apple: Is there anything that rivals the scent of Michigan apples—fresh or baked? Yep, the flavor of fresh and baking apples, including the new Northern Michigan apple, the SweeTango. At Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine we’ve been cooking up apples maybe as long as your grandma has! Hit the nearest farm stand or farm market for SweeTangos, honeycrisps, Jonathans or any other tempting variety and use them in one of our favorite recipes:

Apple Salad in Endive Leaves with Gewurztraminer Vinaigrette

Baked Apples With Dates, Coconut and Rum

Cranberry Apple Crisp

Cream Cheese Apple Pie With Oatmeal Pecan Streusel Topping

Hickory Smoked Apples

The Perfect Apple Crisp

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