Kids Up North: Holiday Apple Craft

Northern Michigan produce stands from Traverse City to Petoskey are still heaped with fat, round red and green apples. Yep, they are awesome for eating, but kids can also turn them into holiday tealights following these simple steps.

You’ll need:

The fattest, most stable apples you can find.

One tealight for each apple.

Pumpkin knife

Washable thin-tipped marker

Small piece of masking tape.


1. Hold the pumpkin knife, blade down, against the tealight and place a small piece of masking tape on the pumpkin knife at the top of the tealight.

2. Place the tealight on the stem end of an apple and using a washable marker, draw around the outside of the tealight.

3. With a pumpkin knife, cut around the circle, making sure not to push the knife any deeper than the masking tape mark.

4. Cut a cross through the circle and using the pumpkin knife, carefully dig out the apple chunks.

5. Scrape and smooth out the hole using the pumpkin knife.

6. Place a tealight in the hole.

7. Place the apple on a flat fireproof surface and have an adult help light it.

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