Guide to a Scenic Michigan Getaway: M-119 Tunnel of Trees in Harbor Springs

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  • redginger

    Great website

  • Anonymous

    Just rode my motorcycle down M-119 today. Absolutely incredibly road. I was riding up the west coast of Michigan and almost considered skipping M-119 but decided to do it on a whim; totally worth it.

  • claudiaj

    How long a drive would it be from Harbour Springs to Cross Village if we did not make any stops. Also if we took the alternate route back to Harbour Springs-how long does that take. We have a very limited amount of time to spend in HS and Petosky and we are driving from Houghton Lake,about a 2 hr drive to HS.

  • char

    could you drive a motorhome through the tunnel of trees

    • cmgalaxy

      Wouldn’t recommend that at all… It’s not always two lanes with limited visibility.