Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

  • Authors of "From The Vine" Launch Michigan Wine Travel Blog on MyNorth

    Sharon Kegerreis and Lorri Hathaway, authors of “From the Vine: Exploring Michigan Wineries” and www.michiganvine.com, launch a Michigan wine travel blog on MyNorth.com.

  • Kids Up North: Rent-a-Chicken in Traverse City Makes Urban Farming Child’s Play

    Join the growing flock of Traverse City families who have signed up to rent a chicken from Leslie Suitor, who along with her husband Mark, started a Rent-a-Chicken, a new company that has parents and children clucking with joy.

  • Video: Guntzvillers Spirit of the Woods Museum and Gift Shop

    Guntzviller’s Spirit of the Woods Museum, located between Traverse City and Elk Rapids, is an interactive experience featuring diaramas of Michigan wildlife.

  • Chef Showdown: Local Foods – Sam Hybel, Gusto, Suttons Bay

    Sam Hybel the chef/owner at Gusto in Suttons Bay prepares Sauteed Morels and Grilled Michigan Asparagus in a White Wine Sauce for MyNorth.com’s local foods video showdown.

  • Foggy morning on South Lake Leelanau