Daily Archives: April 13, 2010

  • The Easy Way To Sell Online: MyNorth Directories

    You want to sell online, but the prospect of an e-commerce website is daunting … Let MyNorth Media retail you products online in our directories.

  • Traverse Magazine’s Big 3-OH!

    Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine celebrates its 30th Anniversary with The Big 3-0H!, a contest for consumers with more than $6,000 in prize packages, including a family vacation.

  • A Bright Future For all of MyNorth Media–Research on Importance of Magazines Today

    After 30 years, Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine has a bright future, working alongside additional MyNorth Media

  • Sculpture and Poetry Become an Exhibition to Be Shown at the Dennos Museum Center

    The Dennos Museum Center at Northwestern Michigan College will host the exhibition ConTEXTure: A Conversation between Artists in Two Forms April 11 – June 13, 2010.