Daily Archives: December 14, 2009

  • Northern Michigan Ski Guide: Conditions, Temps, Stats and More!

    Bookmark this Northern Michigan Ski Guide so you have instant access to everything from current conditions and temperatures, stats on the slopes, ski deals and ski resort contact info.

  • SURVEY: Snowy day cooking project
  • Return to Old-World Sausage-Making Renews Petoskey's Brian Neff

    Can creating sausage save a life? Yes, if you are Brian Neff, of Petoskey, whose return to old-world sausage-making brings joy to hunters, families and those in need in Northern Michigan.

  • Made in Michigan Gifts: Bird Carvings

    Made in Michigan gift by Greg Garman who carves lifelike, colorful birds, displayed at Wright Gallery in Northport.

  • Cooks' House Restaurant in Traverse City Releases Cookbook

    Chefs from the Cooks’ House, an acclaimed Traverse City restaurant, chefs combine stories and recipes in a cookbook.