Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

  • Thanksgiving Dinner To Go

    Stafford’s offers complete Thanksgiving dinners to go at three locations; Bay View Inn in Petoskey, the Weathervane in Charlevoix and the Pier in Harbor Springs.

  • Made in Michigan Gifts: Wooden Mugs

    Woodworker Ben Riskey turns his wood scraps into gorgeous, handcrafted wooden mugs.

  • Video: Latin Dance Band Rojo Loco Plays Cafe Crema Wednesdays in Traverse City

    Grab a cup of coffee and listen or step up and dance every Wednesday evening, as Rojo Loco fills Cafe CREMA in downtown Traverse City with Latin dance sounds.

  • SURVEY: What is your favorite way to use up T-Day leftovers
  • Pearl Lake

    Picture from my parents’ home on Pearl Lake.