Daily Archives: August 17, 2009

  • Ten Reasons Why a Cottage LLC Makes Sense

    Good succession planning when organizing your estate can make all the difference when passing your cottage, cabin or family home onto the next generation. Here are ten reasons to consider a Cottage LLC.

  • Sit Back and Tour Northern Michigan's Wine Country

    Video of a wine tour through the Traverse City region’s gorgeous countryside dotted with vineyards and wineries, including Old Mission Peninsula, Leelanau County and an urban winery at the Commons in Traverse City.

  • SURVEY: What's your favorite way to eat a just-picked love apple?
  • Danny Forster's Cool, Green House

    The charismatic star of Discover Channel’s Build It Bigger builds a house in Omena that is smaller, greener and brimming with innovation.

  • Wind Through Traverse City's Wine Country

    From Traverse City’s urban wineries to the seven wineries of the stunning Old Mission Peninsula, a day spent wine touring this region is one not to be forgotten.

  • Sexy Fruit: Nectarines for Grown-Ups

    A delightful, fizzy dessert with nectarines and champagne, straight from Mollie Rogers, matriarch of Chimney Corners Resort in Frankfort.

  • Batter Up with Traverse City's Beach Bums

    Traverse City’s minor league baseball team, the Beach Bums, serve up great games in the state of the art Wuerfel Park with all of major league’s fun and trappings.

  • From the Fort

    Taken by Marilyn Bogle of Dewitt, MI from the fort on Mackinac Island.