Daily Archives: July 27, 2009

  • Outdoors 101: Knots Every Outdoor Person Should Know Part 1

    Knot-tying is an invaluable skill whether in the woods of Northern Michigan or on a boat in Lake Michigan. In this edition of Outdoors 101, we teach two basic knots.

  • Traverse City Film Festival: Frequently Asked Questions

    Film-goers who flock to Traverse City for the Traverse City Film Festival, founded by Michael Moore, often need to know everything from where to buy tickets to where to find restaurants with a view between films. We’ve got the answers.

  • Learn It, Love It: Mountain Biking

    Traverse City mom, Sarah Racine, was pretty sure she wouldn’t like mountain biking; now she’s a convert and she’s sharing some tips to get anyone started.

  • Traverse City Film Festival: What to See if…

    Suggestions for the Traverse City Film Festival based on who you are.

  • Apple Season

    Apple Season is Near! Gaylor, MI 2009