Daily Archives: June 10, 2009

  • Pontoon the Inland Waterway

    Motor the clear blue current from Crooked Lake to Burt Lake, with plenty of lazy stops for beaches and shoreside burgs.

  • Indian River Pontoon

    A day floating the Inland Waterway in a pontoon boat from Indian River to the mouth of Lake Huron at Cheboygan.

  • Chain of Lakes Cruise the Chain of Lakes, Including Pontoon Rental

    Boat through the Chain of Lakes, from Bellaire to Alden, including Torch Lake, Clam River, Grass River and Lake Bellaire.

  • Diary: Ceil Heller’s Day 9 at Ludington Lighthouse

    Our temporary lighthouse keeper writes about day 9 of her shore-side stay in a Lake Michigan lighthouse.

  • Traverse City Guide to Fun

    This video is a fabulous trip through Traverse City’s wealth of fun things to do including beaches, volleyball, shopping, music, hiking, restaurants and more.

  • Cold Water Paddling Tips

    The Great Lakes are still cold in Northern Michigan. Take these precautions if you are heading out in a kayak.

  • Japanese Maple