Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

  • Diary: Ceil Heller’s fourth day at Ludington Lighthouse

    The latest post from Ceil Heller, temporary lighthouse keeper at the Ludington Lighthouse, on Lake Michigan.

  • Leelanau Crayfish Feast

    Cajuns call them crawdads. We call them crayfish. Here’s how to catch, cook and eat our freshwater lobster.

  • Nordic Crayfish Feast (with Up North Twists)

    In Nordic countries a crayfish feast is an outdoor, boisterous mid-summer fete that includes funny hats, bibs and generous amounts of beer and aquavit, the traditional Scandinavian […]

  • National Trails Day Ride

    Ride the North Central State Trail near Wolverine in honor of National Trails Day

  • Leelanau Conservancy Dune and Swale Hike

    Take a guided hike near Glen Arbor this Saturday.

  • Torch Lake