Daily Archives: June 3, 2009

  • Diary: Ceil Heller’s second day at the Ludington Lighthouse

    Read along as Ceil Heller shares her experiences during a weeklong stint as a keeper of the Ludington Light.

  • Rhythms of Leelanau

    A walkabout from Suttons Bay to Glen Arbor helps our protagonist find new direction in life. A short story.

  • Our Favorites: 3-Hour Paddle Trips

    Make your life better with a few hours on the water. We asked some Northern Michigan locals where they love to go.

  • He Rewrote History

    When Benzonia author Bruce Catton wrote about the Civil War from the foot soldier’s viewpoint—not the general’s—he changed how America saw and wrote about war forevermore.

  • Cherry Rows

    Old Mission Peninsula