Daily Archives: March 11, 2009

  • Hot Property: Holy Wow

    Real estate listing for a fabulously renovated former church built in 1925 in Marquette.

  • Hot Property: Sweet Seclusion in Cheboygan County

    Looking to get lost? Munro Lake may be the perfect place.

  • Traverse Classics: Vanishing Point of the Coaster Brook Trout

    Traverse Classic: This stream is the final spawning site on the mainland US for the coaster brook trout, one of the most glorious fishes in the Great Lakes.

  • Hot Property: Eau de Lavender in Northport

    Renovated farmhouse on 13 acres of lavender.

  • A Better Idea for Green Lighting

    Problem: You want to save money and be green but those compact fluorescent bulbs just don’t seem to shed enough light.

  • Beaver Pond Trail at Boardman Quiet Area, Traverse City.