Getaway: Hemingway for the Weekend

With your Hemingway stories in tow, cruise by the Harold Grand Building at 210 Howard Street. Back when it was the New Braun Hotel and Restaurant, Hemmingway took his meals here—and he made it the template for Browns’ Beanery Best By Test in The Torrents of Spring. Hemingway also ate at Jesperson’s Restaurant on Howard Street. Take a counter seat and imagine Nick Adams, towel stuck in his mouth, tied to the cook behind the restaurant doors—because legend has it that this is the set for “The Killers.”

Lore also says Hemingway laid claim to the second bar stool from the left down at the billiards hall now called the City Park Grill, to sip rum and Coke with lime and watch the bare-knuckle boxing matches in Pennsylvania. It’s probably true. The young man got around here.If you go: Walloon Lake Inn, Walloon Lake Village, 800-956-4665. Stafford’s Perry Hotel, Petoskey, 800-737-1899.

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Love Chain

The starlets of Hemingway’s Michigan years.

Prudence Bolton, a Native American girl who grew up near Windermere, appears in “Ten Indians” and “Fathers and Sons.” Speculation has it that Bolton may have been Hemingway’s first and greatest love—an idea his sister, Sunny, rebuffs in her memoir about him.

Hemingway fell in love with nurse Alice Kurowsky while convalescing in Italy during World War I. He was in Oak Park when he received her letter breaking their engagement, then retreated to Windermere for solace. Kurowksy was the model for Catherine Barkley in A Farewell to Arms.

Marjorie Bump worked as a waitress in Horton Bay. The shapely redhead turns up in “The End of Something” and “The Three-Day Blow.”Gossip about Hemingway’s affair with Kate Smith in Horton Bay prompted his mother to rebuke him in a letter. If Nick’s clandestine affair with Kate in “The Summer People,” is a hint, his mother was right to worry.

Once, Hemingway came to local beauty Irene Gordon’s house in Petoskey for dinner bearing his “catch,”—wrapped in paper from the local fish market. Everyone—including Hemingway—had a good laugh.

Hemingway married his first wife Hadley Richardson—a friend of Kate Smith’s from St. Louis—in Horton Bay. The couple honeymooned at the Hemingway cottage, Windermere. 

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