Singin' Us Home

It’s early August, and folk singers Seth Bernard and Daisy May Erlewine are returning to their home on Earthwork Farm northeast of Lake City in the Missaukee County countryside. The temperature hovers in the mid-80′s as they pull up in their ’94 Toyota Corolla wagon. Dusty, no hubcaps, with a bungee cord holding down the hood, the car looks like it has just crossed the Australian Outback. Sound equipment, several guitars and other instruments pack the tight space. The two minstrels have just enough energy remaining to pull out the tweed and black hard-shell cases that hold their acoustic instruments, which are too precious to suffer in the hot car. But for now the rest of the stuff stays.

Seth, 27, is bearded, playful, a fan of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. May, as family and friends call her (Daisy is a stage name addendum), is 25, with a bright smile and sparkly eyes. They both glow with good health, despite spending many long hours on the road.

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