Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

  • Getaways That Are Good for Your Health

    3 great getaways for your health – get fit, stop smoking, chill out.

  • Ice by Any Other Name

    The crew of the mighty Icebreaker Mackinaw came up with names for the kinds of ice that clattered against the hull as the ship broke its way through.

  • Resources For: The Healing House in Leelanau County

    A list of the professionals who worked on a new lakefront house featuring color and simplicity in Leelanau County, including the architect, the builder, landscaper and interior designer, many from Traverse City.

  • An Ode to Eggs

    A local farm family explains the ins and out of raising chickens and harvesting eggs.

  • Resources For: A Kitchen For Cooks

    The list of professionals who worked on a sleek and functional kitchen, including the designer, contractor and lighting, appliances and paint suppliers.

  • Feral Pigs Are Running Wild in Northern Michigan

    Feral pigs, a hybrid escaped domestic hogs and wild boars, are multiplying and running wild in the woods of Northern Michigan.

  • The New Homesteaders

    Stories of three families in the Huron Mountains who chose to buck convention, consumerism and convenience for a different, simpler life – unplugged, empowered and closer to the earth.

  • Cary Adgate, Did You Eat Your Wheaties?

    Cary Adgate, winner of six United States National Ski Championships, cooks up a healthy breakfast to down before hitting the slopes.

  • Scott Koontz: White Knight

    Interview with Steve Koontz, chief midnight shift snowmaker at Nub’s Nob ski resort.

  • Feed the Birds

    How to recycle kitchen scraps to create tasty reats for Michigan’s winter birds.