Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

  • An Ode to Eggs

    A local farm family explains the ins and out of raising chickens and harvesting eggs.

  • In Search of Bluegills

    One balmy night last summer two of my sons and a friend commandeered the kitchen preparing for their first solo fishing trip on the lake. It was […]

  • Beware: Elk Crossing

    A 500-pound elk and a car at 70 mph? It isn’t pretty.

  • Free Michigan Camping? Here’s How.

    This may be your recipe for a perfect summer vacation.

  • Your Day In: Traverse City

    Great tips for where to play, stay and eat in Traverse City.

  • Recipes for Relaxation

    Three recipes for creating relaxing recipes, including massage oil, face masks and body scrub.

  • Home Spa

    A list of ways to create a home spa.

  • Can These Seeds Be Saved?

    Description of how to test last year’s seeds to see if they are worth planting in the spring.

  • Up North Air: Charter a Flight

    Description of charter air services in Northern Michigan.

  • Up North Air: Area Airports

    A description of the two major airports servicing Northern Michigan, Cherry Capital Airport and Pellston Regional Airport.